Technical / Site Visits


As part of the formal #18DEdays programme, a number of side events will take place to complement and enrich the participants’ experience. If you are interested in presenting your project / company with a site visit please send us all the information listed here.

Tuesday 25 September 2018


Vantaa Energy

Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant in East Vantaa is among the best in the world. Each year, it burns 360,000 tonnes of unusable waste supplied by HSY in the Helsinki region and Rosk’n Roll Oy in the Uusimaa province. The amount of waste used by the waste-to-energy plant meets about half of the district heat needed by the entire city of Vantaa in a year. In addition, the plant also covers about 30% of the annual electricity demand of Vantaa. There is a modern visitor center at the premises and the guest also have the opportunity to stop by in the plant.
More information here on their website.

Group 1 – Vantaa Energy | Start Time: 13:30 | End Time: 16:45


Katri Vala heating and cooling plant is the largest heat pump plant in the world to produce heat and cooling. Its carbon dioxide emissions are 80% smaller than for example in separate heat production with heavy fuel oil. The participants get a unique opportunity to visit the plant which is located under the Katri Vala Park in Sörnäinen district.
More information here on their website.

Group 2 – Helen | Start Time: 14:00 | End Time: 16:00 FULLY BOOKED 

Group 3 – Combined Visit | Start Time: 12:45 | End Time: 17:30

The pick-up location is at Marina Congress Center.

Different types of technical visits are possible in the overall schedule of the event and would preferably be organised from Tuesday midday till late afternoon.

If you are interested in presenting your project / company with a site visit please send us the following information and we will see if and how we can integrate your proposal into the overall schedule.

  • Technical Visit Specifications (max 500 characters incl. spaces): Please provide a description of your proposed technical visit, giving a flavour of what makes it so interesting/exciting. Please,  make it clear  why this should be a truly unmissable visit!
  • Logistics: please indicate if participants can reach the venue by public transport / taxi or if you will organise a transfer and provide catering. Make sure to specify the maximum number of participants allowed etc.
  • Contact person and details: Please send us the contact details of the overall responsible for the technical visit.

Note: Neither Euroheat & Power nor Finnish Energy nor the partners/sponsor or participants should be charged for the visit and services offered.
Please send your proposal to Paula Peura

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