Plan & List of Exhibitors

Floor Plan

A1VexveVexvewww.vexve.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Valves
A4OilonOilon www.oilon.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier
A6HELENHELENwww.helen.fiUtility: electricity / heating / cooling / expert services .

C1FortumFortumwww.fortum.comUtility: electricity / heat / expert services
K3BRUGG pipesystemsBRUGGwww.pipesystems.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Pipe manufacturer
K7Savosolar www.savosolar.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Renewable | Solar Thermal
K9HeadPower Oy www.headpower.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier
K10Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy

Manufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Pumps provider: Software Development
L3Högfors Oy www.hogfors.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Valves
L4KPA unicon www.kpaunicon.comUtility: Boiler plant projects& management
L7Leanheat Manufacturer / Equipment Supplier: IoT supplier / software solutions
L8Danfoss A/S www.danfoss.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Entire supply | Services & Products
O3 Abhithec Energycon Ltd www.abhitechenergycon.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier
O5Kamstrup www.kamstrup.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: Metering
O6Trimble Solutions Oy

Manufacturer / Equipment Supplier
O7Enexiowww.enexio.dkEquipment supplier: Absorption Heat Pumps
Z4Cetetherm www.Cetetherm.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier: District Energy substations
Z5EnergyVille www.energyville.beResearch Centre / Institute
Z6Logstor Finland www.logstor.comManufacturer / Equipment Supplier
Z7Vapo Ltd www.vapo.comUtility / Operator
Z8AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Centre / Institute
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